The Phoenix Conservancy

The mission of the Phoenix Conservancy is to restore endangered ecosystems globally for the communities that depend on them and the conservation of biodiversity.

Pullman’s newest conservancy. Some organizations undertake land restoration projects in order to display it for viewing while restricting the public’s access. Phoenix wants to undertake restoration projects that create economically viable communities who live, raise families, work and even start small businesses within the newly reclaimed biodiverse habitat using conservation practices optimized for their locale. In that way, Phoenix can hand-off its involvement and the community becomes its own engine of sustainability and develops a reputation for natural beauty and wise conservation practices.

“I’m really glad that we started on the Palouse. There are already many groups, with a long track record, doing remarkable work here. We wanted to learn how to add value to what’s already being accomplished, because we want to do the same work globally. On the Palouse, we can focus on collaboration with other groups and the communities who depend upon the habitat for their livelihood.” Ben Stone – Executive Director, Phoenix Conservancy

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