Locating Your Business

A great business environment consists of many factors, and Pullman has the resources to enhance your business and provide a satisfying lifestyle for you, your employees and your families.

Here’s an overview of what’s involved in finding and securing a place for your business:


Don’t commit to a location or space until you know what you are getting into. Each location has specific zoning laws which specify where you can and cannot legally operate a business. The City of Pullman’s planning department enforces the zoning laws, reviews projects and proposals, and issues permits.

Commercial Locations

Before you select a location make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need and what you want.  Make sure you consider the impact that location will have on your business, employees, and customers.


Neighborhood demographics tell you who your customers and neighbors are.  Knowing this information will help understand your market.  You should consider demographics such as age, gender, income, education, family, size, etc.


Your location should provide a sense of safety for your customers and employees.  Look for well lit spaces, assess the crime rate, and determine what your security needs will be.


Traffic includes all forms of multi-modal transportation.  This is important as it could impact your customers access.  Get a good understanding of these traffic flows, including how many people pass by your location, what times of day, and directional flows.

Leasing Tips

  • Research zoning
  • Find out those hidden costs
  • ADA compliance
  • Negotiate the lease
  • Include contingencies
  • Understand the lease clauses
  • Plan an exit strategy
  • Be active in the community

Here are some of the many advantages to locating your business in Pullman:


Pullman Regional Hospital

In addition to being a great place to do business, the Palouse Knowledge Corridor is also home to an award-winning, state-of-the-art hospital – Pullman Regional Hospital.

Outstanding Healthcare – A Regional Multiplier Affect

High-quality healthcare creates healthy communities, drives economic growth, and invites innovation to improve everyone’s well-being. Award-winning hospital facilities staffed with top-notch caregivers providing programs that change life-outcomes, don’t spring up overnight. Building a hospital and attracting the best caregivers requires years of staying the course, enlisting community support and acquiring large amounts of capital.

The factors that create outstanding community hospitals also attract new businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to become part of a community that can keep them healthy. The Palouse Knowledge Corridor is home to vibrant communities, two active research universities and several expanding businesses with a national reach (SEL, NRS, Terragraphics, Meter Group, College Hill Custom Threads, EMSI, etc.).


Palouse Discovery Science Center

The Palouse Discovery Science Center, or PDSC, has been bringing “hands-on science and learning experiences to people of all ages” for nearly 20 years. The non-profit was established to bring access to science and technology education and learning to the Palouse, since the closest full-service science centers were 300 miles away.

The BTE Bootcamp

The BTE Bootcamp (“Be The Entrepreneur”) brings together a coalition of local business leaders, prominent community members, economic development organizations, academic institutions, and government representatives dedicated to cultivating a healthy business ecosystem on the Palouse. Our series of events consist of interactive presentations, specialized mentoring, and networking with the entrepreneurial community and business leaders in order to develop your ideas, teach you the necessary skills, and help you create a concrete plan for long-term success, regardless of the current stage of your business.

Business Assistance

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has advisors across Washington state who are available at no charge to advise, develop ideas and give you the enthusiasm you need to start or relocate, run, and grow your business – including registering, developing business models, performing market research, projecting cash flow, and securing financing.