Types of Entries

Our system makes use of several ways of conveying information on the website; the method we use in each case is designed to fit the way the information is used, stored, and accessed.


Posts are individual entities that are categorized. Each category contains all the posts designated for that category, in chronological order, newest first. There is a menu item for each category.

We use posts for the following types of information:*

  • Why Pullman
  • Doing Business in Pullman
  • Business Opportunities
  • Business in the News

Note that the category pages themselves cannot be edited from within the system; that requires special HTML/PHP/CSS coding. Contact us for more information.


Pages stand on their own individually, and generally are around for a while. Each page has its own menu entry.

We use pages for these types of information:*

  • Contact Us
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

Other Types

Some of the modules we use don’t have the same structure as posts or pages, which are both added, modified, and deleted in the same way.

Some of the special cases include:*

  • Media Library
  • Tables

*The pages, posts, categories, and special cases are subject to change from time to time; these are merely examples.