Pullman is Eastern Washington’s fourth fastest-growing community, creating opportunity in the skilled trades related to commercial and residential construction.

  • More than $100 million in building-permit valuation in 2018
  • Whitman County rental vacancy rate in the fall of 2018 was 1.79%; the statewide rate was 4.26%
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Business Suppliers

Pullman’s major employers, Washington State University and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc., welcome ancillary businesses that act as suppliers of goods and services unique to each business.

Washington State University (WSU)

  • Founded 1890 as Washington’s original university
  • Considered a top-tier research university with over $350 million in total research expenditures annuallySupports over 20,000 students on its main Pullman campus and over 30,000 students systemwide

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.

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The Academic Market

Pullman is looking for businesses focused on college students, and/or ethnicities and culture

Living within 10 miles of Pullman is a large population of college students from around the world. This student population opens up opportunities for businesses targeting primarily college students and/or people from different ethnicities and cultures:

  • 30,000+ students
  • From 100+ countries
  • Speaking 80+ native languages
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Awards & Honors

Pullman continues to be recognized as an exceptional college town and a great place to work.

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Licenses & Permits

Here’s a rundown on the various licenses and permits you’ll need to be aware of …

City of Pullman

Building Department – (509) 338-3220

  • Change of Occupancy for Existing Buildings
  • Separation of Occupancy for Adjacent Business
  • Applicable Building Code
  • Construction & Occupancy Load Requirements
  • Business Type Requirements
  • Building Inspections Call before 9am to schedule a same-day inspection

Planning Department – (509) 338-3220

  • Zoning
  • Parking & Easements

Fire Marshal – (509) 332-8172

  • Sprinkler Requirements
  • Fire Alarm Requirements
  • Hood Requirements

City Forms, Applications, and Brochures

County of Whitman

Whitman County Health Department – (509) 332-6752

  • Health Inspections

State of Washington

State of Washington Labor and Industries

  • Electrical Inspections

Washington State Business Licensing Service

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Registering Your Business

All businesses must register with the city and may need to register with the state depending on your chosen business structure.

NOTE: Although registration is required, you do not need a business license to conduct busiess in Pullman.

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Financing Your Business

Every plan needs financing. Your fully developed business plan should include how much capital (money) you need to get your business going. You may have access to capital or you may need to secure financing.

Borrowing Money

Borrowing money, also referred to as debt financing requires repayment of the loaned amount over a period of time plus interest. … Read the rest

Advice and Counsel

You’re doing business in Pullman (or about to). Congratulations! Nowhere will you find a greater depth and quality of help to get you started and to drive your growth.

Washington Small Business Development Council

WSBDC is a network of business advisors, trainers, and support staff who operate from Washington State University, Western Washington University, several of the state’s community and technical colleges, and selected economic development agencies.… Read the rest

Resources for Starting A Business

Washington has an assortment of resources ranging from downloadable handbooks, economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, sector-specific training, maker-spaces creating proof-of-concept prototypes and business incubator parks for anyone who wants to start a business and is willing to look for help, take advice and apply themselves.… Read the rest